Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Wise Use of Time

So, for the second time in two days (and yes, the only two times I've used school time to do so...), I am sitting in a classroom doing something completely unrelated to what I should be doing - grading.

Oiy. The Grading.

Grading that has piled because, let's be honest, even though I brought home two bags worth of papers over Thanksgiving, I knew, in my heart of hearts, that it wouldn't get touched. Part of me completely underestimated the amount of things I had to do to get ready for dinner(s) with family. Part of me simply relished the opportunity to spend time with Snickerdoodle and family, and part of of me was simply a bit burned out. Not to mention that I had to keep (hah!) up with my novel. Oh, and Friday I had a migraine and truly did not intend to look at a glowing computer screen.

Needless to say, I got behind on my novel. And the grading? Well, when I realized how close I was to "winning" NaNoWriMo, I gave up until this coming weekend. I told my students that flat out, too. Yes, Monday was midpoint, and yes, I have parents who want an updated average for their children, but my novel had to come first. Or it would never finish. As it is, I WON!!! 50,000+ words in a month! I am very excited, but there is still sooooo much work to do, and my story isn't finished, but I have a huge chunk done, and I finally finally finally have a plan for where it should go. But I now need to do school work. And what am I doing? Blogging. It's beautiful...

I will catch up. I will. And I will make sure to set time aside during Winter Break (2 1/2 weeks, but who's counting?) to at least finish the story, even if I don't get started with revising. I honestly didn't think I would be able to do this. Prose was never a strong point in my college classes. But I feel there is something I can use here, so we'll see what happens... In the meantime, I'll take interviews and sign autographs as long as you bring some chocolate.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe we're this far in to the month of November, already. It has flown by. And since I've been so absent from the blog in order to write (I've kept up with it, too, except for today - I need to catch up tomorrow...), I felt I could at least visit to show you some pics from this week. Here is Syd's newest trick - he climbs up his high chair and sits on the tray portion. Nanny even found him IN his seat one time. Scary. And he has no compunction about disobeying Mommy to do so; Methinks he'll have to fall in order to listen. Such is the life of toddlerhood (or is it boyhood?).

The Nichols' 4th Annual Drumstick Dash. And the city's 6th annual "Move your feet so others can eat!" 5K run/walk. This year, we all walked it. Syd was anxious to play with all the puppies he saw as we waited for the start of the race, but once we began the walk, the jogger stroller became the way to ride in style (Thank you, Aunt Sharon and Uncle David!). Here, Daddy and Syd smile for the camera as we approach the starting line.
A family picture taken by Mommy's talented left arm. A more beautiful day could not await us - mid 60s by the end of the race and sunshine. It was even better as we got to open the house up while the turkey roasted! Fresh air and roasting fowl - no better way to scent a house!
Last, just a picture of the walk at the starting line. Beautiful, isn't it? And such a message for the day. All these 14,000 people were here (plus more!) in order to burn some calories before Thanksgiving dinner, but even more importantly, to help feed the hungry in the area. It was a gorgeous morning with a slight breeze, a happy baby, and a message of compassion resonated through the crowd. Who could ask for more?

So, I'll close this posting out with a conversation I had with Syd while I prepped the potatoes for dinner:

Syd pulls the Cars card table over to the microwave stand and begins to climb.

Mommy: Is that a wise choice?

Syd: Huh?

Mommy: Get down, Sydney. That's an owie.

Syd continues to climb.

Mommy: Sydney! Is that a wise choice?

Syd pauses, sitting on the table, and looks at me.

Mommy: Are you going to make Mommy upset?

Syd: Um...maybe!

Maybe is his new 'yes.' And he finally listened to me, after he played with the microwave door for a bit. Again, methinks he'll have to actually fall before he stops disobeying Mommy. It's amazing how stubborn he can be. Both Steve and I have absolutely no idea (ahem...) where he got that...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am so very thankful for each and every one of you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rockin' It Out

Go me!!

It is officially 10:53 pm on November 15th, and I am at a total word count of 25,001, with 15 days to go! I am very proud of myself. Now, hand over the cookies...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Sayin'...

I'm proud of me. I am 10 days in to the month of November, and I've already passed the word count of last year's NaNoWriMo. Go Me!! :-)

(Though, I still have no idea where this is going. I'm just letting it happen... We'll see...)