Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back by Popular Demand -

I haven't posted pictures of Sydney in a while. Here's what's been shakin' in the months of January and February!

I rotate out toys periodically, so he always thinks he's gotten new toys when he hasn't seen them for awhile. Here, he decides he wants to join the velcro vegetable pieces in the kitchen set his aunt gave him for his first birthday.

After playing with his "food," he finally decided to help Mommy make dinner. He loves to stir the pot then smack his utensil on the side of the pot (just like Mommy!) to get the food stuck to the utensil off.

Here, he's actually making 'Cheerio Soup.'
A beautiful break in the weather permitted us to play outside last weekend.

Syd and Mommy enjoying the blue skies and birdies!

Thank you, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Steve, for the tricycle! He can't quite reach the pedals, but he has a lot of fun with it, regardless!


  1. Soo cute! Glad he's enjoying the tricycle. He'll be reaching those pedals in no time!! Love, hugs, and kisses to all of you!XOXOXO

  2. Right back atcha! Miss you all!!! XOXOXOXO