Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updated Pictures

It amazes me every day how much Syd's grown from my tiny Snickerdoodle to a boy with undying energy, including riding his Radio Flyer all through the house. This picture, taken after he paused for a snack, demonstrates perfectly the juxtaposition of his babyhood and boyhood. He says "Big Boy Sydney sleep in the crib" at bath time, then asks for his yi-yi in the very next breath. I cannot express how bittersweet it all is.
We had a stretch of unbelievably miserable weather in January. None of which resulted in snow days for me, but that's a topic for another day. After music class one Saturday, we took a trip to the Transportation Museum. It amazed him. He could not get enough of the trains!

Daddy and Syd check out the labyrinth of trains zooming by. This honestly is a track the size of a classroom that meanders, crosses over, and rides between levels. A sight to behold, especially for little ones who adore anything with wheels and whistles!
Sydney really enjoyed looking over the Thomas section of the train sets!
A train engine is opened for all to examine and attempt to get running! Syd loved playing with all the levers and buttons.

Well, since I was doing an update, here's a picture of the "bed" Nanny makes for Syd each morning. It is usually after breakfast while he watches Sesame Street. Ideally, he would jump in to bed, pretend to sleep, then jump up and yell "AWAKE!" This morning, however, he just laid there, without even eating breakfast. I came home early that day to a 102 temperature and a "we'll squeeze you in" doctor's appointment.

Growing so quickly.


My Big Boy Syd.

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