Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Heat Wave Esss-Cah-Pay

The title is from Dory in "Finding Nemo" - they're trying to find the escape hatch when Bruce the Shark is snapping at them, and she pronounces the word in a French accent. That's what we're doing. Escaping the heat.
We've had horrendous weather here. No real news, since a lot of areas in the U.S. are suffering from one thing or another - forest fires in Colorado; tropical storms in Florida; freak windstorms that bring hurricane strength gales along the eastern seaboard - Basically, we're not special in our concern over the weather. However, the eastern states have also dealt with a tremendous heat wave, reaching triple digits before June was even over. Now THAT is unheard of. Steve mowed the lawn, which was necessary to do twice a week, until the heat wave hit. Now, we may not have to mow until September. He's hoping so, but I'd rather not crunch when I walk outside unless it's on dead leaves in October and November.

We did, however, have a quick typical July thunderstorm last night, and the result was this beauty. I believe it is a species of hibiscus. They are common in this area, but I find them lovely and this particular plant was actually one draw for me to this house, as it blooms nearly all summer long. I love watching the lazy bumblebees float around them, drunk on nectar.
This is to commemorate Syd's independence. This is the first time he put on his shoes. And there was no purpose. I came in to the living room and immediately wondered if we were going anywhere. As you can see, he was so proud of his achievement, he didn't want to correct the placement. I say, have at it and have fun. Good for you, big boy!
 My precious baby boy. I just wish I could sleep this deeply still. 'Nuff said.
We met Pop Pop in the morning on Independence Day for tennis. Here's my little Patriot.
After Daddy left for work, I broke out the finger paints for the first time. Syd got in to it, then took great pleasure in telling me he was "All dirty" and needed to wash his hands. But, we have some fantastic hand prints that will get saved and put in his baby book.
All in all, we're having fun, learning as much as we can while staying cool and hydrated, and Daddy and I are trying to soak up as much of this fun age as possible. Allow me to wax philosophical - in times when the majority of the country is struggling (a week later, 2 million are still without power) and politics are taking over, take a time out to be in the moment with the ones you love.
May your summer be a memory like ours.

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