Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Surgery

We were swimming this evening and I found what I thought was a new freckle on Syd.

Nope. It was a deer tick, right at the nape of his neck. Considering the health concerns we've had this year, already, the last thing I want is Lyme Disease (Emergency room visit for split head; walking pneumonia; seasonal allergies; peanut allergy reappearance...). And that is just HIS list!

So, I performed the first tick-ectomy of Syd's life. He's very active, so I presume there will be many more in the future. The good news is that brief research on tick removal and Lyme says that the disease is transmitted after 36-48 hours of attachment, so I'm hoping I caught this in time. Regardless, we now have a souvenir sitting on an alcohol-soaked cotton pad in a snack baggie, just in case we need to take it in to the doctor.

From what I could see without a magnifying glass, it was a nymph. Not full grown. Here's hoping!!

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