Friday, November 30, 2012

Making a Name for Myself

One way celebrities know they've "made it" is when they're finally spoofed on Saturday Night Live. Teachers have a 'tell,' too - You know you've started to make a name for yourself when students you don't even teach bring you items that follow the same theme.

This is my classroom door.
I started this year printing off English-themed jokes and cartoons and taping them onto my department co-workers' doors every Friday. What started as a way to lighten the year grew as students added to my  collection, many times anonymously.

Over the years, students have begun to associate me with Edgar Allan Poe. Once students find something to attach to a teacher, it is amazing what will be given or gifted to her. The Yoda Poe is one I found; however, it was quickly joined by others.

A gift from an anonymous student. Everyone loves Pooh. 

A gift from a current student. Every time I read this, the song gets stuck in my head, but you cannot go wrong with Queen.

More gifts - Harry and Po, from two different students.

This was texted to me.

I have a feeling this is what started it all. A former student who is now in Afghanistan painted this. He didn't want it, so I eagerly snatched it up.  I put it up every year.

Shortly after obtaining the above portrait, I found this in the UVA Bookstore.

Another former student found the soft doll and gave it to me for Christmas several years ago. I found the Raven puppet last summer and purchased that primarily because Syd fell in love with it, but also to use when I teach the poem.

This is just plain funny. 
I am, after all, a self-confessed English nerd.

I have two more drawings from artistic students who have graced my room and subsequently graduated . I took one home to laminate it, so if I remember, I'll snap a picture of it tonight.

My point to this post is that, having spent nearly 8 years in these halls, and finally moving on to the younger siblings of students I've already taught, I am seeing some of the effect I've had on my students' lives. I love my job. I enjoy teaching a great deal, and I cannot express, enough, how much I enjoy their enthusiasm for darkening my room with Poe. The truth is, I enjoy Poe a lot, too, but I'm by no means an expert on his writings. However, it appears that what I say sticks with them, and that is all I could ever ask.

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  1. Wow, Dionne! I had no idea you were such a Poe fan. (Ooh- that give's me a great idea..!) But it totally makes sense!! I love that I'm always finding out new things about you through this blog. XOXOXO