Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cannonball! Jumping in to School Year 2013-2014

I am excited for this new year. It is impossible to enter into the new year without reservations regarding certain issues, topics, etc., but I honestly feel more prepared for this year than I think I ever have, and it is a very satisfying feeling to possess.

This will be short - I merely wanted to touch base and let you know that I've been busy with school, which is why I haven't blogged recently.

  1. I've been reading 3 books to help administration with work week lessons for the teachers - sort of like an inservice. Drive - by Daniel Pink, was a fascinating read about what motivates us and how we need to start intrinsically motivating our students to succeed rather than tempting them with Shrute Bucks. :-) (This is a video that explains, perfectly, how we tend to withdraw from extrinsic motivators.)
  2. I also read through Flip Your Classroom, by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. This will revolutionize the classrooms as children know it if we are able to institute this everywhere. Essentially, the students watch videos the teachers produce that explains the lesson (what would normally be done in class) for homework. Then, when they come into class the next day, they do the practice (what would normally be the homework) and are thus able to get more help from the teachers as needed, rather than.. ahem... throwing their Algebra book across the room at 11 at night and waking up their Mom who wants to know why they're still up and what's wrong before they burst into tears because it just doesn't make any sense. Yeah - I vote to help keep kids from having to do that.
  3. Last, I was involved in a group that explored Project Based Learning, produced through the Buck Institute. I am astounded by the idea. I am terrified, yet enthralled by this idea. Watch this video about Sammamish High School in Washington. I cannot fathom how to incorporate this into my AP class, but I definitely want to try with my 9th grade class. 
The point to these three books is that I feel a revolution coming, and it starts in my own curriculum. I'll keep you posted as things progress! 


  1. Remind me to tell you the PBL idea my third block came up with! Well.. I'll tell you the one that was good. hehe

    1. Yes, please! I am truly excited to try some of these ideas in my class - I just can't seem to get out of the "beginning of year" slump that stalls every lesson I start. We'll get there! Looking forward to incorporating PBL into some projects!!