Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gasping for Breath

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since the end of August. I think that speaks to what has been happening in my life more than any other explanation I can possibly offer.

Most recently, and quite enjoyably, we housed 2 French exchange students. My boys were a lot of fun and they definitely made an impression on my family. The house still feels empty without them. Sydney still asks after them. They just left us yesterday and we're already eager for a chance to see them again.

I am hoping "Life," in all its vast unknown, will bless me with the normal hectic frenzied craziness that this time of year brings us.

We're beginning our new batch of SoL testing starting tomorrow - My thoughts have turned to the students we are trying to help through the state-mandated testing so they can enjoy the remainder of their education and graduate on time to the hoots and hollering of parents and family and friends in a crowded, hot arena.

Life is for the taking, and sleep is for when I've succumbed to some disastrous illness, so I'll plunge on and do what I can to help anyone I can. Let's just hope Syd is able to make it through his 2nd year of public school relatively unscathed. :-)

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