Monday, August 9, 2010

As Promised - More Pics

As promised, here are the most recent pictures taken.
On a side note, I would also like to say that we have successfully 'Ferber'ized Sydney! He had been waking at 4 or so for the past month due to teething. Frankly, with school starting in a week for me, that would not do. It only took 2 actual days of work. Yesterday, he was up (actually UP) at 5:30, and today, it was a glorious 6:15. Yay for Sydney! Here, my precocious son is redecorating the kitchen. He found the paper bag in which we keep the paper recyclables and decided the floor needed to be redone.

Sydney will be 11 months in a week. He's standing up on his own without holding on to anything. We thoroughly believe he'll be walking within a few weeks and he's already been taking a few tentative steps on his own.

My beautiful boy yesterday morning playing with his silkie.

We 'contain' him in his pack 'n play in the morning while we get coffee. He was saying bye to Daddy in this pic.

Sydney was playing 'footsie' with Mommy while eating a snack.

The lighting here was perfect for my All American Baby.

Sydney loves to jump/bounce in time to Daddy running on the treadmill. Here, he cheers Daddy on to finish!

Sydney plays with his popper. He loves this thing and dances to the music it plays!

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  1. Soo precious! Congrats on the ferberizing. I know how difficult that is! Can't believe how big he is and how close he is to walking. Watch out world, here comes trouble!:)