Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Been Awhile - Anyone for Catch-up??

So...the new school year is off; the starter pistol didn't have quite the spark it usually does and I feel I've been stuck in my blocks, trying desperately to find a release so I can attempt to catch up with the race. It will be a long race - 9 months to go. But as long as you don't look at the finish line, you can find small, achievable, goals to make, and I have to remember to focus on those.

School started Monday. Wow. The kids are truly wonderful, but I can tell which ones will be a handful already. The good thing is that most of these are athletes, and our school does a wonderful job of utilizing all resources, meaning the coaches help the teachers in ensuring behavior and grades stay in line.

In the middle of finding my feet as an instructor again (and that means forcing myself to sit down and know...GRADE), Sydney has taken steps towards his next developmental milestone. Literally. He's toddling on, taking 2-3 steps at a time on his own. He's also been clapping along with patty-cake, but I honestly don't recall how long that's gone on. As soon as his steps are more consistent, though, I'll snap some photos and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps finally FINALLY load some video.

One thing I've enjoyed, though, is the beginning of an opportunity to discuss literature with my 12 AP students. Already, with summer reading assignments coming in, I've renewed my interest in my "homework" column I have posted on the right. I started Turn of the Screw, which I have at home, and 'borrowed' a school copy of Things Fall Apart. Been awhile since I've read multiple things at the same time, especially for pleasure. I have no intention of teaching these during this year, in particular. Though I may broach Hardy's novella since it is shorter and fits well in to our year's theme. I truly am interested, though, in incorporating Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray - excellent novel, though there are some slower moments in it. The ending is worth it, though.

So, this is our first weekend during the school year, and my goal is to straighten the house, which I'm well on my way, and grade my 12 AP summer reading tests. Tomorrow, Sydney has a photo appointment. His first birthday is coming in just a few weeks, and we thought this would be a nice investment, especially since we have family spread all over who may not be able to attend his party. I hope he naps well so he's in a good mood...

My hope is that as I find my feet, I will return to more contemplative thoughts, especially since my mind's eye naturally returns to more scholastic cogitations during this time. The summer was focused so much on Sydney, primarily since we didn't find out what we were teaching until last week, that I feel it's taking a bit longer for the cogs to turn. I can't let my 12 AP kids think they are smarter than me... :-) Nah, that won't happen!


  1. You sure they aren't smarter? :)

  2. Hah! Nope. But the key is to prevent them from knowing it... Not always successful. Nice to know that sometimes I surprise myself with my own insights...

  3. Those 12 Ap kids can't possibly be better then the orginials :) And I absolutely love radford! I'll have to email you in a few to let you know how everything is doing and what not.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time! Just be sure to take advantage of everything they offer - music concerts, sporting events, plays, movies, etc. Where else can you see an opera for a fraction of the cost?? :-)