Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Time Last Year...

One year ago, it was Saturday, the 12th. Steve and I shopped, loading up the freezer with Stouffer's meals, filling the cabinets with peanut butter, soup, cereal - we were getting ready to not go anywhere for a while. One year ago today, we went on a date, knowing it would be some time before we were alone again. One year ago, we were finishing laundry - tiny little pants, burp cloths, onesies, blankets. One year ago, today, we were as ready as could be, because on Wednesday, the 16th (last year), our baby was coming into the world.

We did not find out gender. I reminded the ultra-sound technicians every time I went in because I didn't want anyone to slip up and mention it. Our doctor didn't even know whether Sydney was a boy or a girl. We had the name, just not the sex. Middle name changed depending on what we were gifted with. So needless to say, we were quite excited for this weekend and the subsequent Wednesday.
Sydney Allyn is the best thing to ever happen to me. Goodness knows, there have been trials and tribulations - the most recent being the joys of nursing when there are top AND bottom teeth. But he's learning to control his urge to bite, and things are getting better. No, unfortunately, the top tooth hasn't come through enough to get a picture of it. But that will come in time. Now that he's walking, haltingly every once in a while, but slowly moving away from crawling, things are even more fun. Last night, he chased me around the pack-n-play in the kitchen - grinning and squealing with delight the whole time! I wouldn't trade any of this for anything in the world.

One year ago - the love of my life was almost here.

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