Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'll Try to Catch You Up...

WOW! So much has happened recently. I'll try to be brief and quick...

  1. My school's Writing SoL scores came in, earlier than we all expected. Our school has a pass rate this year of 98%. Very cool. I'm proud of us all.

  2. Reading SoLs are in a week. I'm more nervous about this one than the Writing...

  3. I was pooped on by a bird on our way to the Chili Cook-off Festival. I've always heard that that is good luck. We'll see if Sydney will sleep the whole night through tonight.

  4. Sydney, in the past 3 days, has sprinted past his previous record for cutting teeth, gaining 2 (a front bottom cuspid and a top molar) to move his total from 7 to 9, at 19 months. Thus, see #3 above...

  5. I found a veggie-loaded spaghetti sauce recipe that both Steve and Syd love, which makes me very happy since we can all never eat too many veggies! It makes a ton, too, so I froze 3 baggies of it to use later. I'll post the recipe soon.

  6. Spring break has come and gone. It was glorious. We went to the zoo for the first time as a family on Sunday and Syd loved seeing all the 'kitties.' :-)

  7. It was a rude awakening coming back to school after break. I was anxious to get back, if only so I could finish this stressful year, but goodness...The week back I had an average of 2 meetings every day (yes, I know...not much for you in the private sector when your day is filled with meetings, but when you come in early and leave late on top of dealing with 120 kids...exhausting...)

  8. My AP kids took their literature test this week, too. I took them breakfast in the morning. I don't think I've done a lot for them, though some have told me that I've done more than I realize. Regardless, I was happy to do it, and we got leftover food the next day in class! I have the utmost faith in their abilities and look forward to hearing from everyone over the summer as they receive their scores. Here's hoping they get to make use of their time and skip past freshmen English in college! (Especially KL, who HATES English!!)

  9. Syd is so enraptured with lawn mowers he'll pause in the middle of playing and tell us to 'Shh!' so he can listen for mowers in the vicinity. So much so that Nanny went out and bought him a play lawn mower. Now, he mows everything - grass, the carpet, the kitchen floor...

  10. And last...I figured I'd stop at seems Murphy's Law is hitting - many of our 'things' are breaking all at once, ...came home today from the Chili Cook-off to find the kitchen floor wet from the dishwasher, our kitchen faucet leaks, had to reset a breaker in the kitchen because a whole wall of outlets weren't working, etc. Ah - the joys of home-ownership!

Pics and a recipe coming soon!


  1. You are such a good mom and great teacher, Dionne! Sending you energizing thoughts to make it through the school year!
    Love you! D xoxoxo