Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Will He Be?

Mommy had a splitting headache yesterday.

Seriously - I wondered if Athena was about to jump out.

Steve and I are bathing Syd before bed. He wanted me to lean down and play with him, but I reminded him that Mommy's head had an owie.

Syd's scar still pains him. It has healed, but not to the point where the nerve endings are no longer sensitive. He felt his head, then looked up at me with wide eyes.

Syd: Want to see it?
Me: Mommy's owie?
Syd: (vigorous shaking of the head 'yes')
Me: Mommy's owie in inside, Baby. We can't see it.
Syd: We should get a door.
Me: A door? That's a good idea! We should have doors in our heads!
Syd: Get a door and open winna key
Me: Open the door with a key?
Syd: Yes. Open winna key and see da owie.
Me: Oh, so we can see the owie. Will that make it better?
Syd: Open the door and see da owie and get meh-neh-ninn. Make Mommy's head better.

How beautiful a sentiment! I was so tickled by this I tweeted the story, in abbreviated fashion, and got the response from two students - one thinks he's going to be a neurologist. The other has insisted, for two years, that he'll be an engineer. Whatever he decides to do, I'll be happy if he is happy, healthy, and contributing to society in some fashion. And always with a dose of love and 'meh-neh-ninn.'

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  1. He will be an engineer. This is me being persistent.