Saturday, April 7, 2012

Milestones and Tradition

It seems that, other than the obvious, Easter weekend is becoming a weekend of milestones for my little one. It was on Easter Sunday, three years ago, that we surprised our family, who had given up on us, with the news that we were pregnant.

It was on Easter weekend Syd's first year that he had his first real illness - Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (see my girlfriend and co-worker, Christie's, blog posting on that particular illness here).

It was on Easter weekend last year that Syd took his first trip to the zoo.

This year, Syd moved from his crib to a BIG boy bed! Our crib came with a toddler 'wall.' Syd anxiously worked on the baby gate while Daddy installed the wall to the crib. Syd did very well, for his first night. What really got us tickled was that he still called out at 5 am that he wanted to get up. I don't think he realized he had that option, now.

Last, this is also his first year to participate in Easter Egg hunts - and actually get candy. Understandably, we severely limited the sugar intake, but the fact is he is now officially inducted in to the non-secular traditions that accompany this holiday.

All in all, it has been a tremendously fast three years. I wouldn't change a thing, even though he is a morning person and I, most definitely, am not. Steve told me that even through high school, he regularly got up at 5:30. I cannot fathom that in the least, but I look forward to not having to fight Syd to get to school on time.

Happy Easter to everyone! I love you all.

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