Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kites, Kites, and Impending Nap Time!

This past weekend was the annual Kite Festival in the valley. I've always wanted to go but something always came up - either I was at a track meet, or was ill, or was swamped with work. Last year, it was rained out. But this year, we finally got to go and use the kites we've been holding on to for several years, just waiting for this opportunity to break them out.

Here, Steve is busy getting his shark (I know - shocker, isn't it?) elevated.

I was busy trying to ensure the little one didn't fly away with the dolphin kite he was using.  

Mommy and Syd get very skilled at flying. At one point, I had them both up in the air, by myself, before handing the dolphin off to Syd. 

Syd loved his dolphin. He enjoyed looking at all the kites going (I heard a report that there were 8,000 people there. Crazy! Thankfully, we got there early, right after music class, so we were gone [and on our way to a lengthy nap] before it got too busy.) but was quite content to fly his own.

Daddy and Syd with their aquatic animals.

It was a beautiful day. Rain storms were called for the afternoon, and rightly so - we're in the midst of the beginning of a springtime noreaster. But the sun was shining while we were still there. The weekend would be perfect if I were granted a snow day for tomorrow!!  Hint, hint...

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