Tuesday, April 2, 2013




This is a... what word do I want to use? Struggle? Battle of wills? for nearly a year. I fully planned on being done with this by the time school started in August. Syd had other plans.

I will not bore you, nor gross you out, with details. But suffice it to say that this last gem pictured here helped seal the deal. 

We were shopping and Syd grabbed this off the shelf. It was more than we usually spend on a "non-occasion" gift, so we agreed that he only gets this after he's potty trained. It hung here for about a month with nothing happening other than talk. 

"That's mine when I'm potty trained!" "Yes - want to try going on the potty?" "No. Maybe later."

Finally, I took it down and hid it. It had lost its luster. It took a week before Syd realized it was missing.

This weekend, after being warned numerous times over the past month and having the Easter Bunny inexplicably take his last few remaining diapers after dropping off some candy and dinosaurs, we switched, with no looking back. And he is golden. He has done so well. I know he could have done this earlier, but we had to wait until HE decided to do it. He gets his stubborn honestly - from both sides of the family, and, as I've been learning, from both sides of both of us. 

After his first fully successful day, he asked for his Lego helicopter. It was still in hiding, which shows he hadn't lost sight of his goal. We told him he has to make it a week. 

4 days and counting!!

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  1. You should know... that this made me laugh. That's all. (: