Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Absolute Shock and Awe

I had not planned on posting so soon, but this must be told...

Sydney, Steve and I have been taking advantage of the balmy weather to play outside every day after dinner. It really helps him go down and sleep through the night to get some last minute fresh air and exercise. Steve and I pass the football back and forth, including the Snickerdoodle in some throws and "tackles," before spending time looking at the leaves blowing in the breeze and examining the rotting tomato plants in the garden, waving to the 'woo woo' two houses down who barks every time we get within sight, and discovering all the nooks and crannies of the backyard, now that we're fully mobile.

And fully mobile we are. Steve and I were in the midst of throwing when I turned around and saw that Sydney was starting towards the stairs leading up to our upper deck. I went to retrieve him but before I got there, he was climbing. On his own. I ran past him, got the camera, and by the time I got it recording, he was nearly at the top of the stairs. All by himself. I don't know at what age this is 'supposed' to happen, but we were completely caught off guard by it. See for yourself. We thought we had a little more time to fix the rail from where a recent storm blew the lattice off - I guess now we really have to get moving. Shock. Utter awe. The human body grows and adapts so quickly.

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  1. Soo Cute!!! Give my nephew a big squeeze for me!!