Friday, July 22, 2011

Long Overdue, But As Promised

It's been a busy summer with only a few weeks left. But here's a bit of what Syd's been up to, since May - I know...I've been remiss in downloading the camera... Oh, and due to my ineptness with planning this posting, the pictures go in descending order - most recent to the oldest. My apologies.

Syd and Zane play "Jump!"

Annie and Mommy make a "frowny face" at Syd and Zane's jumping!

Syd had a long day at the Children's Museum in Richmond with Daddy. Mommy would rather have been there than sitting in class at the conference.

Meet Ines, our French foreign exchange intern! She and Sydney color one afternoon.

Sydney re-discovers his Elmo slippers that sat, forgotten, on a bookshelf since the holidays.

Sydney took swim lessons! He LOVES the water - always has.

Sydney and Mommy after finishing the 'Lazy River' and practicing "scoopies."

Ines and Sydney at the Star. It was a beautiful day to see the city and visit the animals at the zoo.

My big boy loves to run!

Sydney has such a soft heart - kitty Skye was terrified of a summer storm and he was trying to comfort her. Normally, she doesn't let him near her, but circumstances being what they were...

Decked out in carcharodon carcharias gear for swim lessons!

I think the photo speaks for itself.

For anyone who doesn't know, Syd has a deep-rooted passion for lawn maintenance. Here, he decided he needs to try his mower as a riding mower instead of a push mower.

No reason for posting - just cute.

Syd and Daddy spend a moment stretching their backs after a long day at work.

Syd also has a passion for automotive maintenance and helps Daddy wash the cars.

Syd decides to accessorize with Daddy's hat.

There are more to come, but I have to actually download my cell phone instead of just talk about it. I promise, it will come.

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  1. LOVE these photos!! Syd is such an adorable little boy and I'm proud to be his aunt! Miss you guys! Love to you all! XOXOXO