Thursday, July 28, 2011

My "Homework" List

I started the summer by discussing the laundry list of chores I was setting for myself over the next 2 months. I am very happy to announce that it has slowly dwindled. Anyone who is/knows a teacher knows that whatever we do not get to during the summer will have absolutely no choice but to wait 9 months until June. Yes, I can do small projects, if absolutely necessary, but let's be honest - teaching is one profession where we have no alternative but to take it home with us every night and every weekend, and try as we might, outside projects fall to the wayside. We're lucky to maintain basic relationships much less attempt to paint a room or rebuild a porch. I have several friends who, though we live in the same city, I see only 2x a year - at Winter Break, and some time during the summer. No more, no less.

Regardless of time constraints and priorities, my list is nearly complete, and none too soon. I have 2 weeks of blissful obliviousness to enjoy. I won't be able to completely relish it, but I can try. Ever since my conference, my mind won't stop thinking about the coming year, but I do not have to stress over what I'm planning and I don't have a deadline for putting together an assignment, or grading it. I can sleep until... oh - wait... I can't, but that's ok, because I don't have to get dressed until I want to. Sydney is still a very early riser. And we think he's cutting another tooth, so he's been on a very early stretch lately (consistent 5 am this week).

I have been more productive this summer than I think I ever have before, as far as the house is concerned. In the past, because I was trying to maintain my footing on the treacherous mountain of teaching today's youth, I focused my energies on re-shaping my curriculum, organizing my folders, etc. This year has been all about the toddler and the house, and I feel so relaxed. I also feel ready. I believe just taking a step back from education and my curriculum have allowed me the quickening I need to look forward to this school year.

I'm ready, in many different ways. My house, though messy right now, is clean. My files and folders await my new zeal for the year. My list of 'chores' I have is greatly reduced, and, for the first time in YEARS, I've gotten to do a bit of pleasure reading. I've also attacked my book list (see column on the right hand side) that I've set for myself. All in all, I am feeling full of vim and vigor and ready to enjoy my last 2 weeks with my baby boy, living it up for all it's worth. I am taking on Summer, and I'm winning.

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