Saturday, December 3, 2011

Magic. And Toddler Talk

This is truly a magical time of year. We put up our tree today. We decided, last year, when Syd was beginning to really get around, that we'd better go fake for a few years. The nice thing about that is the tree gets to stay up just a little longer than normal. So, we, Syd and I, put the tree together this year, and he assisted Mommy with making sure every light bulb worked as well as with hanging the garland and the (cheap) bell ornaments that he loved loved loved shaking to hear them ring.

That's all he got to do. Then, it was bath and bed. But Mommy got to finish, and when he wakes up tomorrow, he'll have a preliminary Christmas morning.

Daddy missed most of this. But Grandad is doing quite well after surgery. And the tree is beautiful, though a little lopsided (cheap bells on the bottom, Lenox "Baby's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Christmas" at the top...). And our fireplace heater adds just the right ambiance to the room. All that is missing is the snow, hot cocoa, and wide variety of holiday music.

Add - the deer. Steve got home from the hospital and was pulling pack mule duty to clean up the boxes. He went out to the car to retrieve something and called to me. "Hurry! But be quiet!" There were two does, beautiful, majestic creatures, walking down the middle of our road. Seriously, all we were missing was the snow. And I do not live in the rural part of the city. Magical.

And now, the fun part...

Mommy was finishing her holiday cards while Syd napped today. He woke up. Daddy went to get him from the crib while I cleaned off the table.
Syd: Wanna draw sumping
Daddy: You want to draw? Let's get the crayons out.
Syd: Wanna draw Mommy's paper.
Mommy: No, baby - Here's your paper and crayons!
All is quiet as my boy draws.
Syd: Daddy draw
Daddy takes over.
Syd: Its wunnerful!
Daddy: Well, thank you, Syd!
Syd: I draw now.
Daddy: What are you drawing?
Syd: It's bird poop. Bird poop.
Daddy: You drew bird poop?
Syd: Right there. Bird poop onna paper.

Where that came from... No clue. But I thought it was hilarious. And believe me, I had a hard time not slicing myself as I cut up the roast for dinner I was laughing so hard. Now, the question is... Do I frame the bird poop?

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