Friday, June 1, 2012

Comes in like a Lion and goes out like a...Lion?

I should have known by the end of the first week of school that, regardless of the caliber of student I would be teaching, leading, coercing, it was going to be a trying year.

And I would have been correct on all accounts, had I known.

Our first week of school, which is recaptured here, I discussed how exciting it was to encounter an unexpected earthquake, hurricane, and tropical storm. That particular entry was written before the (ahem...) repercussions of both - a huge sink hole opened up in our school's driveway, causing our particular school to close for the day. A heck of a way to begin the year.

Summarize briefly - testing, illness, surgery, testing, illness, emergency room, testing, AP test. A rough year, though these are some of the best kids I've had the pleasure of teaching, leading, coercing.

Today was the first day of exams. My four classes of juniors have all passed their two state standardized tests (except one poor girl who doesn't test well - she passed one but not the other). My seniors are all graduating, all have plans, and we're waiting for their scores. I finished their final grades to be handed in today so we know, ahead of time, who still is a valedictorian, etc. My pile of semester-long reading projects have all been graded. My room is peaceful for the first true time since the work week in August.

And buses are delayed for those who were not exempt from their exams for today.

And a "I'm-trying-to-play-off-my-frantic-feelings" assistant principal comes on the loudspeaker asking everyone to stay in class.

And the "I'm-also-trying-to-play-off-my-frantic-feelings-but-failing" other assistant principal comes on remind us all to stay in classes.

A minute later, he comes back on and says we're in lock down.

Apparently, a group of youngsters were dressed in camo on the hiking trail behind our middle and high schools, playing "war" with air rifles. Imagine their surprise when they looked up to find themselves surrounded by police, guns pulled, ensuring the safety of our students and staff. I liken this to the scene in Jaws where the two tween boys are pretending to be the shark - complete with fake fin strapped to their backs. "He - he made me do it!" one shakily points out to the Coast Guard, harpoons drawn.

Lock down drills on the first day of exams. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and sink holes. I wonder what the remainder of this school year will bring?

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