Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Syd is taking swim lessons again. I think this is going to be our schedule as he grows - first class after school is out, and then we'll repeat as necessary. One thing I love about swim lessons, though, is the nap that takes place after.
The funny thing is, he wasn't even asleep, yet. I brought him inside after getting home just in time to watch the garbage truck pick up our trash (that, I can tell you, is a wondrous weekly occurrence in itself...). I put him down on the stairs, thinking he'd climb up by himself. Then, I turned to get my keys out of the door. I heard a sigh, and when I turned back around, this is what I saw.

The poor lil guy usually naps by 1. On swim days, he's barely able to make it til 11:30, and even then, I have to fight to keep him up a little longer. My friend, Kathleen, says they call this the "Odin Nap" at her house, and it is the most appropriate label I could apply to any youngster after a big morning of blowing bubbles, kick kick kicking, and scoopy scoopy scoopy-ing. Here's to summer days, swim lessons, and long naps.

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