Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stories from the Finish Line

So, the finish line is in more week of classes, a week of exams, and graduation! Yippee!! In the meantime, I've got another good one for you...

My freshmen usually read Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird in class. Due to the vast number of school days cancelled by snow this year, we got so far behind that there simply wasn't enough time. My freshmen are assigned Outside Reading projects due at the end of each semester, and I highly recommended TKAM since I knew we wouldn't have time to read it in class. Approximately 95% of my students took me up on that suggestion.

One student confessed to me yesterday that when I first said the title of the book out loud in class, she thought it was about something completely different (goes to show how well she paid attention, since I gave a synopsis of the novel when I recommended it...). She thought the title was Tequila Mockingbird... Classic!

This year has been rather difficult for many, many reasons. Attempting to be ready for the new year and a new baby all at the same time; 4 classrooms; handing over my classes to a substitute for 3 months and then attempting to come back and figure out where everything was (only because I wasn't the one who put it wherever it was!); my husband's struggles with his current career; my father's illness and death; construction; SOLs with no air conditioning; no idea how things are going to be next year...

Frankly, I'm ready for a break. I usually teach night classes during the summer terms at National College. I haven't gotten in touch with my contact there in a while, and I believe the next term starts next week. I don't think I want to teach this summer. I want to try to enjoy my son's unbelievable growth and energy and recapture the essence of "Dionne" so I will be ready for next year.

So here's to closing the year. Here's to all the teachers out there. We all deserve a break, especially with the limitations budgeting has put on us. Here's to getting a breather so we can all be at our best in the Fall. It's all about the kids, and anyone worth anything in this occupation will recognize that and push through any concerns. In the meantime, I can't wait for June 12th...

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