Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yet Another Growth Spurt; New Schedules

Sydney has his second tooth. I didn't even realize it had come in until yesterday because I was expecting him to chew on me like he did with the first. We knew he wasn't acting like himself, though, and Friday night he woke up screaming, so I should have checked. I had to rock him back to sleep; I am not complaining in the least, though, because I so seldom get to cuddle him on my shoulder these days. He knows I'm the cow, so most of my cuddling is with him at my breast.

He was quiet yesterday. Didn't smile much, though not too upset, so I didn't really worry. But my mom checked his mouth last night and we found the second tooth, so I'm going to presume it cut Friday night or sometime during the day yesterday. Thank goodness for Tylenol (or rather, the Kroger/Target/CVS brand of acetometaphin [sic] -Have to say, though, that even though they should have done the testing before releasing the product, I respect the company for recalling everything BEFORE there are health issues reported).

Sydney has his mommy's smile, though, which means that I won't really be able to get a picture of his teeth until his top ones come in. I'm just glad he learned so quickly not to bite down on me...

Steve's swing-shift schedule changed over last night. He had to stay up until 3 to attempt to adjust for the next month. It's going to be a long month. I won't be getting much sleep as we're entering panic/crunch time in the high schools (SOLs are this week. Ugh.), and he won't be able to help me much in the mornings since he'll need to sleep at least until mid-morning. Weekends will be the hardest, though, b/c I need to keep Sydney downstairs until Daddy gets up. I thought it was hard enough when he worked 12 hour night shift and it was just me. I have a whole new respect for people out there who've worked 2nd or 3rd shift with kids. It's a completely different horse with a completely different shading.


  1. THAT is the MOST adorable picture I've ever seen! I had to wave at my computer monitor when it first loaded.

  2. So glad you like it! I've tried to 'date' his photos at least once a month so I can see his growth progression.