Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take a Deep Breath

SOLs are over. Big sigh. The year is quickly reaching the finish line and now all minds turn to either cramming in the last of the year's plans, trying desperately to make plans stretch til the end, or reviewing for exams. Teachers, meanwhile, are trying to tie up loose ends with parents, coerce the students to hand in the last, or many, missing assignments, and close up for the summer. We're in a different situation this year, though. Because of the construction at school, I have a feeling more people will be moving things out this summer than in the past. I've been warned that my trailer may no longer be there in August. However, there is only so much that I can bring home...either because I don't have room, cannot possibly move it on my own, or because it is considered school property.

And yet, life outside of school goes on. Sydney is quickly meeting the next expected milestones. Separation anxiety is developing, though stranger anxiety has tapered off. He has two teeth, though I expect his third any day now. He's bouncing more and more on all 4 and has even attempted a few feeble movements (steps?) forward on his knees. He is very proficient at trying to go forward, and instead, pushing himself backwards, which frustrates the living-daylights out of him. It is an awesome sight to see the cogs turning in his head as he discovers more about his world.

That being said, here's updated photos. He woke up 3 times the night before last fussing (which is why I expect his 3rd tooth soon). I let him fuss and he went back to sleep, but when I went to check on him before I went to bed, I found this; Someone tell on earth is this comfortable???

Here's the best shot I could get of his two teeth. He's starting to look like a little boy instead of so baby-ish!!

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