Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Irony and Updates

The school year is almost over. I mentioned to my freshmen that I keep a blog and they wanted to know the address, so I wrote it on the board. One delightful child asked what a quandary was. I said what any good teacher would say..."Look it up" and pointed to my stack of dictionaries that are ready to be toted back to the English office for storage over the summer.

Said child tried looking it up but couldn't find it. I thought there must be some mistake. I looked in the dictionary and found the word, but realized for the first time that it is spelled with an 'a' after the 'd.' I never knew that. I have always heard it pronounced 'quandree,' not 'quandaree' and ergo, never thought to look up the spelling. I am an English teacher and I fully admit that I made a mistake, but I am horrified at this, especially since my url still has the incorrect spelling. I was able to fix my title, though, so that is good. If nothing else, I think I'll say it was intended from the beginning (perhaps unconsciously) as a way to examine the conundrums facing us all each day. And perhaps my 3rd block learned a lesson from me...

Snickerdoodle is crawling. It is official, and it started last weekend. He's moving very easily, though still hesitantly. I think that is only because he wants to see everything and can't decide which to go to first. He's pulling himself up when we hold his arms, though not by himself on furniture just yet. I expect that will come very quickly now that he knows he can do it. It's too fast. I was hoping to have my baby boy just a little longer. He'll be walking before the summer is out, definitely. He's not even 9 months yet...

Sydney's also become a regular when it comes to pulling my hair. He does it to hold on, to bring my head in so he can kiss me, to comfort him when he's frightened or's not so bad when I'm "all there," but when I'm exhausted or stressed, it is hard to prevent and usually leads to a headache. Summer is coming, so I figured I'd go drastic. I chopped my hair. I imagined I'd go shorter than I actually did (I was thinking a boy-cut) but instead, I have layers that will probably curl up and eventually drive me crazy. But for now, I like it. It is lighter, cooler, and hopefully easy to style. Regardless, I'll have 2 months to grow it out if I find I don't like it. I'll post pictures as soon as I get some taken.

Last, Steve and I are trying to determine how the summer will unfold. We're planning a trip to DC - he's never really been and we both feel there is much to see while there. My sister would like us to come visit her in Florida. We'd love to, but are not sure we'd be able to do both. I have a conference I have to go to the week of my birthday. In between all that, we simply want to spend time as a family and bask in the glory of the 8-11 month old baby/toddler that is Sydney.

As for now, I have one more week to go before I can thoroughly clean this house (no cleaning ever gets done the last month of school...wonder why...) and set aside my books, plans, etc. for just a little break. I completed a massive amount of grading today and plan on enjoying myself tomorrow. Plenty of time to stress over essays. Dionne out.

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