Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ready to Run

The first few days of my summer vacay had not started out the way I imagined. By Thursday of this week, I was getting downright tetchy (never heard of it? Read Romeo and Juliet) about what I had planned/expected to accomplish the first week of the summer.

Steve had the day off from work. We started the day with our bi-annual doughnut run. We split a dozen doughnuts on Steve's birthday and on New Year's. It's the little traditions that help make the family memories...isn't it? Anyway, each time, we rotate which place we will visit, sometimes breaking the cycle to try a new venue, but always splitting the dozen... We'll probably change the method by which we conduct this tradition as Sydney gets older...

After, Steve ran a few errands, then we spent the day as a family. After Sydney went to sleep, I was determined to finally finally FINALLY get to the gym. I did, and it was heaven. I missed my old friend. I haven't seen the inside of the gym since last year, and that was before I even started to show - first trimester wore me out. I didn't suffer from morning sickness, but holy cow, I could sleep for 15 hours and still sleep some more. By the time the constant, irrepressible exhaustion went away, I was in track season and had no time (or excess energy) to get to the gym. Then, with the summer, came my third trimester and the heat, so I just chilled, or swam (exercised) in our neighbor's pool (yes, with their permission...). Once Sydney came, well, read my previous posts. Balance was hard to come by.

So needless to say, Thursday was a very welcome opportunity to break free and work out. Friday came, and I did the same thing. As soon as Sydney was down for the night, I jacked up the volume on the baby monitor so Steve could hear and headed for the gym. Both days felt so nice. Today, I was sore. It usually takes a few days for the lactic acid to really build up and to feel sore. I didn't want to go today. But I did. And I feel much better. Usually, it takes 3 days for me to get over the "don't wanna!" hump. We'll see, though I'll probably take tomorrow off from the actual gym since it is Father's Day. Monday, though, I plan to get back on schedule and continue losing baby weight. I'll keep you posted.

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