Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Pics

Heading in to the TRULY hectic part of the year, thought I'd lighten your day by showing updated pics of Syd... Here, he's helping Daddy push the cart housing our new lawn mower to the car!

And, once we get the mower home, we must watch every boustrophedous line.

Daddy and Syd on a beautiful spring day.

Mommy and Syd somehow manage to take a picture of themselves!

My little leprechaun.

Daddy and Sydney play airplane!

Sydney and his best buddy, Zane (also known as Nennnnn!) play together. Daddy and Syd play under his new Cars kiddie table.
Sydney really loves his new Cars table and chair set. And the best part is, since the store was trying to get rid of excess stock, we got the whole thing for only $9!

Syd tries out his new sandals.
Growing so quickly. It's almost difficult for me to remember what he was like before he could run, climb, and reach everything in sight! Sometimes, I think he is from Elastigirl, not me!! Nothing is safe...


  1. Boustrophedous?? Please tell me you had to look that word up; that you didn't just have that word sitting around in your head waiting on a lawnmower for you to use it on.

  2. Love the pics, Dionne! Emily does too! (she's sitting on my lap!) We love you all!! XOXOXO

  3. Love you too!! Miss you all! Hugs all around!!