Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blood Donation

Yesterday, I attempted to donate blood for the first time since we found out we were pregnant. It was unsuccessful, to the point where I have a two inch bruise running across my elbow from where the phlebotomists wiggled the needle in my arm. I got approximately half of my pint out before the blood flow stopped. It's disappointing, as I've been a relatively consistent donator since high school. Besides, I'm special! :-) I have B negative blood (only 2 out of 100) as well as CMV negative blood (some virus that we're all born with - doesn't cause a problem unless you are a high-risk person like a preemie or cancer patient...basically how it was explained to me). And the need for blood donors is so high, right now. Oh well...maybe in June...

On a completely different note, how much do you love The Tudors?? I have enjoyed the show from the second season on, and find it to be extremely accurate to what history we have recorded from the 1500s. I would recommend anyone even remotely interested in Henry the VIIIth and his 6 wives borrow, rent, or buy the dvds. Just keep in mind that it is shown on Showtime; ergo, the show is completely inappropriate for children.


  1. The last and only time I tried to give blood, it went fine until the Red Cross sent me a letter about two weeks after the fact saying, cryptically, that I may or may not have a certain kind of disease or factor for a disease in my blood, and therefore my blood will never be usable - ever. I still don't know what that means. Oh well.

  2. Sorry to hear that, hon! Nothing like a crytic message to make you feel like you're the carrier of a contemporary plague - what was the line from "The Devil Wears Prada" that you like so much?? "A succubus of the black plague"??