Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Passing of a Legend

My apologies for my absence. My father took a turn for the worse, and I left in a hurry for Lancaster, KY. I was able to spend nearly two days with him before he passed away, primarily from complications due to contracting MRSA in the hospital.

His funeral was Monday. It was very bittersweet - I got to see family I hadn't seen in years. My sister, Stacy, I hadn't seen in probably 15. But at what cost? My father was so full of life. So inquisitive. So ready to examine everything - there was nothing that didn't interest him or pique his interest. One of my relatives (forgive me, as I don't remember who said it first) made the extremely accurate comment that now, he finally knew all the answers.

The weather sucked. It was cold, windy, and rainy. And Dad would have loved it. In fact, he probably would think it funny that we were going through everything on his account in that weather. But, he also loved weather like that. Dad was an outdoorsman. He hunted, fished, hiked, camped, name it. He will be missed.

Throughout the emotionally exhausting week, I had Sydney with me. We were fortunate in that we kept to his schedule, for the most part, but he still had quite a bit of adjusting to do. And in the midst of coping with the emotional tidal wave (babies and children are exceedingly perceptive...), he was also teething, still. He cut his first tooth the day Dad died. My little Snickerdoodle is still growing so quickly!! And he did so well - so many strangers, so many new faces, smells, and disruptions. I am so proud of him and hope I can continue to foster his willingness to experience new situations.

I have more to discuss, but am still recovering from our nighttime drives (we drove the 7 hours at night to keep Sydney on schedule). Therefore, I will say goodnight for now, and return later to relate some of the more humorous and, dare I tempt Kristi, creepy stories of the week.

Goodbye, Dad. I love you.

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