Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last Saturday, my father suffered a major stroke. He was rushed to the hospital where he received fantastic attention and his life was saved by the care of the doctors in the emergency room and ICU of Lexington, Kentucky's Chandler Hospital. Tuesday, after making great strides in his recovery, he suffered a major heart attack. Thankfully, he was still connected to the machines in the ICU, and therefore, the infarction, too, was caught early and his life was saved, again, by the doctors. My heartfelt thanks goes to the staff of the ICU at Chandler Hospital.

He is doing much better - he is talking now, moving some limbs, and today, started to feel, again, on his cheek, which had previously been entirely numb. Tomorrow, he moves to a regular hospital room where he will stay for two weeks. He also begins therapy tomorrow to begin achieving what movement he's lost since his stroke.

Unfortunately, the doctors think he may, also, have sleep apnea. But he's received such excellent care already that I have to think they'll monitor that and do what they can to help him rectify the situation. Regardless, it has been a tenuous week for my family. We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers. Please keep them up.

On another note, Sydney has been in rough shape these past few days, as well. He wasn't feeling well by Tuesday of last week. Steve and I thought he had merely reached a new plateau in his teething. He was irritable and his nose was runny. He also was pulling on his ear. Then, he wouldn't smile at Daddy when Steve got home from work. Something was wrong. We made an appointment, thinking it was another ear infection.

The doctor looked, said his ears were fine, then looked at his throat. A common ailment, I find out, but Sydney was diagnosed with hand/foot/mouth disease - a virus that causes blisters/ulcers to form on the throat, hands, etc. He had blisters in his throat, which explains why he didn't want any 'solid' food. We were told to keep giving him Tylenol, keep the fluids up, and to do what we could to keep him entertained. He ran a fever for two days, but today finally started to act like our Snickerdoodle. I think we're out of the woods on this one. He also finally showed some interest in 'solid' food. Spring break came right on time.

And, on more personal and happy news, I finally got all my laundry done and put away for the first time since Sydney came! I also am fitting into shorts I haven't worn for two years. Nursing is a fabulous, fabulous, tedious, pain-in-the-tookus thing. I'll be in touch!

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