Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Further Updates, and our New Carbon Footprint

Dad is doing well, but last I heard, he still hadn't been moved out of the ICU. That is, thankfully, only because the hospital didn't have an empty bed (not good for anyone else in the Lexington region of Kentucky, but I'll take it...). He started therapy yesterday and, from what I understand, did well, but was worn out by the end. I'll keep you posted as to his progress.

On another note, the Nichols' clan has not had very good luck with yard equipment over the past few years. Our mower that we had for only a couple of years died halfway through the season last year. We bought a cheap one "just to finish the summer" and that, too, died before the season was over.

With the spring showers and recent sunshine, our lawn pullulated at an unbelievable rate. We intended to wait until we got our tax return and then actually spend some money on a mower. But instead, after doing a brief bit of research on the internet, we decided to obtain a push mower. Yes - we're falling back to retro lawn care. Lowe's had a 20 inch mower on sale for the same price as a 16 inch. We picked it up, Steve put it together, and he tackled the dandelions and crab grass (yeah...I know. We're not polluting, but have never been able to gain control over the weeds...).

Those of you who know our house and yard know we don't have a tremendous amount of yard. We own a flat lot, too, so it was unnecessary to purchase a gas or electric powered mower. We're saving money on gas, creating a healthier lawn for Sydney to play on, and Steve gets a really good work out. It's win, win, win!

Last, and this is a late addendum, if anyone ever wants a REALLY BAD movie to watch and laugh at...check out Blue Demon. I cannot express how much Steve and I loved/hated this movie. It had horrible acting, the special effects were atrocious (a steel fence that bends...please!), and one liners that are worse than what you hear in a high school. But, again, if you were to play a drinking game, or if you're just sleep-addled, like Steve and I are, this is FUNNY!!! Steve made the comment that he can't believe he's paying 46.95 a month for this...AWESOME - we just read the reviews and I'm surprised we didn't waken Sydney with our laughter! What gets me is that the movie got 4 and 5 stars from people just because it was so much fun to laugh at!! Even more fun are the reviews from the people DEFENDING this ridiculous waste of film. Seriously...check it out! If nothing else, just read the reviews.

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