Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bringing Shakespeare Home

A very brief post, here. I saw this campaign on Shakespeare Geek - essentially, one of those 'let's change the world' campaigns to bring Shakespeare performances to hospitals and retirement communities. I can't resist spreading ol' Willy around, so please help out.

Visit Shakespeare Geek's site, or follow the borrowed directions below to place your vote. Just be sure to try to place it every day so we can jump from 32nd to the top 3...

How To Vote

1) go to

2) go to the bottom of the window and click "Join Refresh Everything"

3) Fill in the sign up info (name, age, valid email address, password, retyped password, prove you're not a robot, click 'done')

4) Hit "vote for this idea"

5) Repeat each day


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