Monday, January 31, 2011

The Return of the Baby

Sydney will be our only child. It has taken me, for good reason, some adjustment to come to terms with the fact that, as he grows, healthy, strong, smart, my baby is gone, replaced by a little boy. And then, I put him to bed while he's still awake, and I leave the aquarium playing Fur Elise, and I hear him babbling to himself. And then it gets quiet. And I sneak in to his room, and find him wrapped up in his blue elephant that Megan and Shelly bought him when he was 3 months old. My baby is still there. I will never lose my baby.

I will never lose him, but at times, it is obvious that the adventurous toddler is trying to prove he is most certainly NOT a baby. Here, he crawled in to the footstool/storage bin we have in the den while Daddy watched him. He curled up with Mommy's vintage Care Bears and played with a bike pump.

Mommy had a small heart attack when she saw that Syd was crawling up on the banister between the living room and the kitchen. That very night, after he was in bed, the couch was moved against a solid wall.

Prior to the couch being moved away from the banister, Daddy and Syd watch the football playoffs together.

Sydney and his best friend, Zane, play peek-a-boo between the chair rungs. Zane is 7 months older, which made a difference when they first became friends, but as they both age, they merely synch up more. They have so much fun together and willingly share pacy's and water bottles. My big boy was so proud of himself when he managed to climb on top of the box of shelves Mommy was going to put together for the kitchen.

Sigh. As much as I hate to lose my baby, I cannot help but look forward with hope to days when I do not have to change diapers. And this fuels my hope. Syd loves to play with his potty and pretend he's using it...I'm hoping that over summer vacation this year...

I can't believe how quickly it all happens...

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