Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day #2

So, it dusted my street last night. School was canceled, but my street is already completely melted. Today was supposed to be the first official day of exams. I can't help but wonder - "Why, Mother Nature...Why?" Frankly, I need an end to this semester. I want to get it over with, and I am now out of a teacher work day on Friday and a three-day weekend unencumbered by guilt for not finishing my grading. I look forward to the end of the semester simply because, outside of graduation, it is the only time in the school year that I feel closure.

But, I am home with my baby boy, who is growing so quickly, and I love it. We've been practicing our numbers and our emotions lately - we show each other 'happy' and 'sad.' Oh, and today we've already opened every drawer in our dresser and successfully thrown the diapers out on to the floor...one by one.

So, I'll return to more contemplative thoughts on the morrow, when I have to return to grading - unless the storm system that wasn't supposed to hit us decides to swing this way and actually deliver what was projected for this area. For now, with the streets clear and a peaceful nap behind us, I think we'll go to Target.

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