Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day #3?? And Happy 15th...

Today, I was going through my normal morning routine - up, nurse, wrangle a toddler while I wait for Steve to finish getting ready and leave and for Nanny, Steve's grandmother, to arrive. I walked in to the kitchen to see that I had missed a voicemail - Nanny was calling to say school was canceled. I laughed. Yeah, right. We got a negligible amount yesterday, and every speck was melted by 2pm. Why would we be canceled another exam day?

But she was correct. I can only assume that some of the roads outside of the city are still in poor condition. Sigh. I wanted this semester over and a break, small as it may be, between this and the next. Now, exams will continue in to next week and I won't have planning between the two semesters.

But things could be much worse. I am home with my Snickerdoodle again, and I cherish every moment I can spend with him.

Today, too, is our 15th anniversary - I know, we had our 9th in October, but this one is our selected date for dating. I say selected because our relationship grew out of friendship, and when we realized we wanted to see each other, and do it exclusively, we didn't even know what date to set, so we picked a date that fell between when we realized our feelings and our first kiss. 15 years. I can hardly believe how much we've experienced, shared, struggled with, and look forward to for the future. Another 15. Then another. And so forth and so on.
Who'd have thought these two crazy kids would meet and fall in love?

Steve at about one year - we guesstimate. Wasn't he a cutie?

Me. I'm going to assume it was my first birthday.

Our first vacation together to the beach. So young...

And I'd do it again, in a heartbeat.


  1. But there's so much more time to blog when we're not in school! :)

  2. I'm glad I happened by today-- Happy Anniversary, Dionne and Steve. You both make such a great couple and have a lifetime of memories together. I'm also grateful that I got such a great brother-in-law! Enjoy your day off with Snickerdoodle! Give him lots of hugs and kisses from his Aunt Dawn! Love you!!

  3. Dawn - I PROMISE! One thing I love about having my own child is I get to smother him with kisses all day and no one looks at me weird as if I'm going to pass on the plague :-)

    Kathleen - Very true! Maybe we should just become SAH mothers!! :-)