Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doctor Visit, Golf, Movie, and Schedule Change

Sydney's six month check-up was this past Thursday - he's now 15 1/2 pounds and 25 inches long. Growing so quickly! Prior to this weekend, he was barely sitting up by himself and, though he babbled, he didn't make specific consonant sounds. The doctor told me that she looked for specific consonants (bababa, dadada, mamama, etc.) by 7 months, or began to worry. Rather not well thought out, I say, because immediately, I was looking for him to say those lest we need to take him back in. Never fear, faithful readers - it was as though she flipped a switch. This morning, he was crowing out babababababa constantly!

The doctor visit was the perfect lead into a beautiful weekend. Sunny, warm, slight breeze. It was an excellent time to introduce Sydney to the game of golf. Steve wanted to play a round at a local course that had 9 holes. I went along and carried Sydney in the carrier-thingy that straps on to you. He was facing forward, taking in everything. Between the fresh air, sunshine, and recovering from his shots on Thursday, he took the best nap that afternoon. It was such a nice outing, and everyone got a dose of vitamin D! :-)

We decided to top off the evening by watching one of the best worst movies ever made. I had never seen this treasure, but Steve saw it when he was a kid. He bought it several weeks ago on a whim and was itching to watch it with me. Now, tell me faithfully, who out of you has seen the 1980 rendition of Flash Gordan? Horrible movie, but ever so entertaining. I could see this being a huge hit for anyone who...imbibed in certain substances...licit or otherwise. Regardless, with just a glass of milk and fresh homemade snickerdoodle cookies, we were quite entertained.

And last, Steve's schedule has changed at work. He is now on shifts, starting tomorrow, and his first will be the 6-4:30 shift. This means he is no longer able to take Sydney to Nanny in the morning (for the next two weeks). Or, if he did, I'd have to be up by 4:30 am to nurse and get him ready. So, I will be leaving home by 6:30 (hopefully) in order to drive all the way to Salem to drop him off and drive all the way back to school (I live about 2.5 miles from the school). We'll see how well this works out. Once again, keep us in your thoughts.

Oh, yeah...almost forgot! We tried the peas, again, this evening. I mixed them with cereal and breast milk, and he actually ate about 3 spoonfuls before he decided he still didn't like peas. We'll try again in a few days, but I think we're on the way to finally getting some green vegetables in to him!!

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