Friday, March 19, 2010

More School Fun, More Pics, and a Shower

I've been meaning to post this story for about a week, now. It really is quite sweet, and I love the absolute innocence of it. I also promise to always pass on the exciting, humorous, and sometimes headache-inducing happenings in the life of a high school teacher...

**We are reading The Count of Monte Cristo in my freshmen classes. At one point in the story, the main character, Edmond Dantes, is trying to obtain some privacy so he may hunt for a buried treasure alone, without having to share the booty with the crew from the boat on which he works. He talks about landing on the island of Monte Cristo in order to hunt wild kids.

You can imagine my initial shock, and subsequent burst of laughter as I realized that they thought he was hunting Tarzan-type children.

**And, on a "I can't believe I said that note...", I had one child who, to her complete chagrin, insulted me quite thoroughly without even realizing it...she has been invited to prom. We got to talking about prom, and she asked if I went when I was in high school. I told her I went to three in a row, in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Without even missing a beat, she exclaimed that "You must have been really pretty when you were young." I was so amazed at this brazen statement I didn't have a response. All I could do was laugh.
So, here's some updated pictures of Sydney, at dinner and enjoying his bathtime. He is a water baby! It doesn't matter what happened during the day, his nightly bath calms him down, wears him out, and is a definite signal that bedtime is next. He is precious, and I love playing with his bath froggies with him.
Last, we had a baby shower for Sharon today - She is due in a month, and is beautiful. I will post a picture of the lucky parents if I obtain permission from them, but in the meantime, isn't this cake Laura made adorable? It was as delicious as it looks, too. Butter cream icing. YUM!

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