Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raindrops on Roses...

This time of year has always been hard for me. Stress, lack of sunlight, incessant cold weather...it gets to me. So, in order to keep from vomiting everything I'm worried about (see previous post titled Panglossian), I am, instead, going to simply list everything I love. Some may be expanded upon, others may speak for themselves. And the list will change over the next few weeks/months, so be sure to look back every once in a while! Feel free to comment and add your own 'good thoughts' in as you see fit. :-)

  1. The smell of a summer cloudburst when the cool rain hits the hot pavement and the oven-like feeling abates for a while
  2. Baby kisses
  3. Hot chocolate with whipped cream - forget about the marshmallows. I prefer a sugary cloud that leaves a mustache on me when I sip
  4. Feel-good texts. When you least expect it, to get a message from someone you care about that makes you smile
  5. Butterflies and Dragonflies - so dainty
  6. The smell of baking bread, or our cafeteria on Thursdays
  7. The smell of bleached towels fresh from the dryer
  8. The sound of a summer downpour when you are safe under the awning of your front porch
  9. Getting through your entire "To Do" list in the time expected
  10. Getting home from the grocery store and deciding which 'treat' to indulge in first - we've all done this...you have a coupon, you try something new. When you've got something new as well as something you've been craving...which do I open first??
  11. Following closely on #10, that first bite of something you've been dying for! Whether it be ice cream in the middle of July or a chocolate Napoleon from Fresh Market...yum!
  12. The looks on friends and family's faces as they open 'the perfect gift'
  13. The 'Ah-Hah!' moment - when you are trying to explain something to your students and it suddenly dawns on one, then another, then, like fireflies at the end of June, these little lights just begin to shine all over the classroom. Beautiful to witness.
  14. The surprise lesson - Kathleen and I have spoken about this - the lesson you dread, but have hopes for, or sometimes just want to get through only to find that, to your absolute astonishment, the kids not only get it, but enjoy it. Case in point, I had a lesson on ballads that I just wanted to get through with my 'tough' boys. Believe it or not, they got it faster than my other classes. Could have picked my jaw up off the floor...
  15. Coming from someone who is not a morning person, those mornings when everything just goes well - I'm actually awake, I'm on time, I'm excited to teach
  16. Sunday naps - the whole family is on the bed, including Skye and Leia
  17. A wonderful husband who will clean up after you when you've got the stomach flu, including Cloroxing the entire house!
  18. Said husband who also runs out to the store to get you lemon-lime soda and saltines - the only food that will stay down for now.

Stay tuned for more! I'm just getting going!!


  1. Ha! I think lots of people are feeling the exact same way. It was a particularly bitter pill to have snow yesterday after it had all but melted. Many, myself included, had started looking forward to spring starting immediately!! It will be here one of these days.
    I would like to add to your delightful list of wonderful things - planning a vacation. Also, a fairly new one for me, hearing my son squeal in delight when I chase him across the room.

  2. So he's walking now!! My goodness - when I saw you last, he was toddling along with someone's help. I can't wait to see him Saturday. And I agree completely - anticipation of a vacation is as good as the vacation itself.