Sunday, March 7, 2010

SNL, Bananas, and School Fun

The cocoa was hot, marshmallows were swiftly melting away, and SNL was, from what we saw, funny! Zach Galafianakis was the guest host, and for those who have not seen The Hangover, I can say that he was a sleeper hit I wasn't expecting. I saw the movie at first to appease Steve, and found that I truly enjoyed it. Zach is one reason why. He has an odd, dry, random quirkiness I find very endearing. And he did not disappoint last night, either. Granted...we only watched the first 1/2 hour, but that 1/2 hour was quite entertaining. We taped it, and plan to watch the rest tonight. Oh, and for anyone who saw SNL last night, I have to agree wholeheartedly with Zach...I am a BIG fan of pilates, if, by pilates, you mean waffles.

Tonight was banana night. It's been 4 days since we introduced the carrots, and those vanished quickly, so I had high hopes for tonight. The initial expression was complete shock and hesitancy, but that disappeared. As did the banana. He not only wolfed down the banana (approximately a tablespoon of it), but also finished off with his cereal and carrot mix. Nanny ought to really enjoy that first diaper tomorrow morning. Steve caught the little bird on camera while we ate. I call him that at dinner time as he sits there with his mouth open, chin nearly on the high chair tray, waiting for the next spoonful to be loaded into his mouth. Awesome. I never thought I'd be so entertained by someone trying new foods.

Last, I was reflecting back on moments in teaching that have made me laugh. I think it all started with Steve and me watching The Office this past Thursday. I had to relate a story to Steve based on the show:

**Me, to my juniors, who are in the midst of their persuasive research paper (paired up, one on either side of an issue - after they hand in their research papers, they conduct a live debate in class, the winner of each issue [no two pairs allowed to do the same issue] is decided by their classmates), and pointing out their revised research schedule posted on the whiteboard:

"I know this is kind of small, but it will be here for the next month in case you wish to come closer and peruse it."

A very tiny, timid voice in the back of the room: "That's what she said."

Now, what do I do? Punish the child for disrupting class, as the entire class erupted into laughter, or join in in resignation, knowing that I have to pick my battles? I looked at the guilty child, and, shaking my head, laughed and said I had to give him that one - I love these kids, though they drive me crazy.

**A freshman last year chose to do her biography research paper on Alexandre Dumas. His name is French, ergo, no 's' is pronounced on the last name. I kept talking about him (we were reading The Count of Monte Cristo next), and so she took out all the 's's in her paper, thinking that she had spelled it with possessives the entire 5 pages.

**Another freshman last year chose to do the same topic; she told me later that she was hungry when they were choosing their topics, and she saw that Dumas wrote The Three Musketeers.

**And last, not funny in the same manner as these first three examples, but still a head shaker, I had a young man who decided he wanted to pierce his ear in class. He took a push pin and proceeded to lacerate his ear in the middle of class. Staring in awe at the fact that he did something so reckless, disgusting, and inappropriate, I asked him if he thought of sanitizing the push pin before he pierced his ear. He stared at me - the cogs turning ever so slowly - before he jumped up and ran to get hand sanitizer. He pumped a handful, and slapped his hand on his ear to conduct a post-piercing sanitizing. Then, he screamed in pain as he remembered that hand sanitizer contains alcohol. Gotta love these kids.

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