Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Importance of Short Sleeves And a Brief Respite

That's's carrot time! These are my carrots I spoke of in Sunday's blog. He absolutely loved them. I couldn't believe how quickly he ate the whole bowl full. I'm thinking that tomorrow, though, I'll mix the cereal and the carrots together to make it easier for me - just add a bit more breast milk to help soften the cereal. Sydney is definitely his mother's son...he loves to eat!

But I did reach another conclusion, too. It is imperative that I now wear clothing that is either short-sleeved or that can easily be pushed up to the elbow. I was quite 'orange' by the time we finished. We'll monitor him for allergies with the carrots, but I've never heard of anyone being allergic to them. Either way, he's certainly taking to 'solid food' more quickly than I expected.
That being said, his rash on his body is fighting back. I don't think there is a correlation between that and starting 'solid food.' If anything, I think it is because we were subjected to yet another round of winter angst this week. And it may just be me, but everything seems colder, too, which is odd since we all adapted to the bitter cold - freezing felt downright balmy by the time the weather broke.
Our first batch of SOLs are finally over. I was able to administer the essay portion to my class, and frankly, was rather surprised and proud of them. They did not have nearly enough time to prepare and yet it seemed they all really buckled down and put forth their best effort. I had one, in particular, who showed me how much he had written before he handed his in. This is one who struggles to give me the amount I ask for (didn't you know that 3 sentences does a paragraph make?) and yet, he was able to fill the booklet and get on to the last page. I have high hopes for this batch and am already anxious for the scores to come back, though I don't expect to hear anything until after the week of SOL testing in May. That being said, we can relax for a bit, finish the research paper (yay! - not), and perhaps even watch a movie in class. I could use a few days of them watching a movie...just so I could have some down time, too. Very proud of them. I hope it pays off for them all.

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