Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And I Begin

So, why a blog? I'm sure many of my fellow neophytes out there are asking themselves that same question. And the answer varies for everyone, and I'm sure we all have multiple reasons. I, like my close friend Kathleen, found Facebook to be too difficult to boil down to a few kitschy comments on my life for all to see in an instant. I joined Fb just so my family, who are spread all over, will be able to see my son (5 months last week) grow up. But I do not enjoy Fb - I find it difficult to keep up with all my friends and I've never been exceedingly inclined to sit in front of a computer and do random searches - for friends I haven't found yet as well as the pages already established. Looking up friends, checking out the latest information, adding my two cents in on comments that catch my eye, and yes, reading all those mundane "I have nothing to do but sit here" comments that are posted incessantly is tedious to me. No offense to my friends and family, but I'd rather have a conversation. With you. Over the phone or via email or in person. I'm left feeling hungry after logging on to, and off of, Fb. Ergo, a blog.

But what do I hope to accomplish? Well, this past year has caused me to reflect quite a bit. My wonderful husband and I have had to face a lot of changes, and not just from adding to our family. In fact, Sydney has been the best part of this year. He's like nothing I ever expected and I am so glad he decided to surprise us and become part of our family. No, my reflection stems from dissatisfaction in other areas - career, future, dreams deferred. Steve, too, has had to ponder some things about his life. Now, before anyone reads way too much in to this, I am still as much in love with my husband as the day he accidentally slipped and told me he loved me while sitting in my dorm room waiting for me to finish getting ready so we could go out. He's my life, and I feel home whereever I am as long as I'm with him. This is more two people moving in parallel form towards something intangible that leaves them both asking. What is next? How do we satiate this odd hunger we feel? As my profile states, I had a book. I had three chapters to my novel that I foolishly foolishly foolishly did not back up (because our computer was less than a year old, so what could go wrong? I'll get a pen drive next time I'm out...) and lost. Since then, all my creative energy goes in to teaching. Planning. Grading. Tweaking. Maintaining my feet. In fact, I pondered starting a blog just about the time we found out we were pregnant but put it off. Now, after my friends have started and proved they can keep up with it, I have to think that I can do the same. Thus, the start of this, my attempt to bring some personal creativity back into my life. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

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