Thursday, February 11, 2010

What the Doctor said...and School

Before I begin, let me first say that my son's situation is a bit unique, and therefore, though you may wish to try some of these if you or someone you know is suffering from eczema, it is still advised that you see a doctor if the rash gets too bad (yes, I qualified my statements - I kind of like my car...anything worth anything...).

Second, I just want to say my pediatrician's office is awesome. They are incredibly caring, empathetic, patient, and allow Sydney to move at his own pace while still keeping the questions, examinations going. Basically, they treat us like I would expect family to treat us, even though this is the first non-well-baby visit we've had to make. Oh, and it's a small office - only 3 doctors, which means we get to know everyone; each doctor complements the others well. Anyone in this area who wants to know more information about my doctors, just let me know.

  • Now, on to the advice...First, my good friend, Kris, suggested using corn starch under the chubby folds of Sydney's neck to soak up his drool. He is teething, after all. This did help, and it allowed me to apply the medicine prescribed to a relatively dry area - the doctor prescribed Nystatin - apparently, the chubb and drool combination has not only exacerbated his eczema, but also allowed a yeast infection to start. (Nota bene: be careful with the use of powders. Talcum powder is BAD for babies; if you are using baby powder, make sure it is made from cornstarch and not talcum. Johnson and Johnson make both kinds, so read the ingredients list.)

  • For the eczema, itself, I am to continue using Aquaphor - 2-3 times a day, to keep it softened. I like this stuff - it doesn't smell, rubs in fairly well, and has a nice texture.

  • For the severely red areas on his cheeks, forehead, etc., I am to use Triamcinolon - this, I believe, is a steroid. I was told to use this cautiously, and only on the red areas. Once they fade, stop using it.

  • For the poor dry, cracked behind the ear skin, I was told that eczema can cause the skin to crack, and "weeping" can occur. These areas are prone to infections, so I am to use Mupirocin, an antibiotic ointment.

  • I am to continue bathing him every day to help calm the rash and ensure it doesn't spread. And because Sydney is a 'water baby' as it is, I was told to let him play as long as he wants in order to foster his love for water.

  • I was also told that the eczema/cradle cap under his hair could be treated once the skin clears up, and to use Selsun Blue - but only after it clears up so it doesn't burn and cause pain and possibly ruin his love of water/bath time.
So, I have a lot of work to do. The doctor had to write a list of all of these and where to use them so I could remember! But, after only one administration as soon as we got home from Target (Love Target!!), he napped really well for the first time all week, and when he awoke, he already looked a little less red. My little Snickerdoodle started to act like he used to!

I got to nap a bit with him, too, which was necessary. I don't think I've been this tired since we first brought him home from the hospital! Hopefully, he'll sleep through the night, tonight. The doctor said the medicine will help, too, with this. Thank goodness!

School tomorrow. I expect it at this point; we're already making up several days, but it has been so nice being home with him this week. Besides, I've been home with Steve every single Friday since he first started working his 4/10's. It will be odd to leave him to his actual "Daddy Fridays." It will be good for the two, though. I know Steve misses time with him. Ah, me...I think I'm just getting lazy and want an excuse to be home another day! Back to the grindstone.

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