Sunday, February 7, 2010

Check In

My last two entries have waxed long-winded. Therefore, I will try to be more brief today. I just wanted to say that it's a beautiful day - warmer than I expected, brilliantly white and bright outside with the sun glinting off millions of diamonds in my yard.

Sydney slept better last night that he has in a while, though we were still woken up at 4 with a work phone call. I'll give credit to the sleep to Tylenol. I think his gums have been bothering him more than we realized. Frozen washcloths can only do so much.

I made some scrum-diddly-umptious Godiva french vanilla coffee from Fresh Market today. And I even drank it out of my little teacups that I scrounge for at antique malls rather than my huge mugs I use every day. I have rules about my teacups - they have to have a matching saucer, and they have to be an 'orphan' - I only want one, and I don't want to break up any sets. I currently have 8 cups, all different designs, colors, etc. When girlfriends come over for tea, they get to choose which design they want to drink from. Simple, but elegantly fun!

Back to Fresh Market. I could seriously spend an entire paycheck there. Organic foods, items you can't find in a regular Kroger, homebaked goodies. Yum. They have a Chocolate Napoleon and a Peanut Butter Napoleon-y type dessert that are, dare I say, orgasmic. And the seafood salad is, in the words of Julie Powell, YUM-MERS! That is one thing I craved on a regular basis when I was pregnant. That and their homemade Greek green salads with extra kalamata olives. Oiy. I'm hungry just thinking about those.

Dinner tonight will be a simple but delicious affair - homemade chicken spaghetti with some decent Bertolli garlic and olive oil sauce, and salad. Steve is learning to like salad, so to help him along, I picked up some Olive Garden salad dressing. It is the only one he will willingly eat, and it helps him eat more salad than he would otherwise. The Bertolli sauce is very nice, not expensive, but I still always end up adding to it - tonight I think I'll open some merlot and add that to the sauce as well as enjoy a teensy bit myself. In the spirit of Italian, ciao for now!

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