Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Title

"I'm facing a quandary." I say to my supervisor at a previous position I held a few years ago.

"So, turn around, then." he says with a straight face.

Haven't we all faced a quandary, a conundrum, a riddle that we'd like answered at some point? Haven't we all trudged along waiting for the epiphany that will eureka its way into our insight, foresight, or sometimes, sadly, hindsight? Well, knowing that I'm questioning some things in my life at this moment sparked the title. Nothing more than that.

The tag line is also indicative of life, in general. Robert Burns wrote the line in the poem "To a Mouse." It references a farmer or field hand overturning the hay in mid-winter to find a nest that is subsequently destroyed. The mouse planned ahead for the weather, as humans metaphorically try to do, and everything went awry, as things literally do for humans. But knowing that things will always go awry, even when you REALLY want things to go perfectly, I think, gives you room to enjoy and even find the humor in the everything life has to offer. Even if that means, ahem, trying to fix a faucet that, though it doesn't provide hot water, it does not leak, in the middle of a snowstorm on a Friday evening when it is impossible to get a plumber (or your close friend who usually, aside from the storm, is willing to drive out to help) out there for that purpose only to find that the mechanism that won't allow hot water through is now so thoroughly damaged, the faucet won't shut off unless you shut off water to the entire house and therefore, no one can shower, flush toilets, or do the dishes before your 4 house guests arrive the following morning...

One of us was near tears. The other was trying very hard not to giggle. Sydney was a welcome distraction at that point...

But hey - we got it worked out and had two clean showers working by the time our guests got here. The best laid plans can be planned til you're blue in the face. But the laws of entropy will always take over.
Sydney is growing so quickly. He's five months, now, and is learning how much fun jumping in the little door-frame swing can be. Heavens, he's nearly mobile at this point! I have a feeling he'll skip crawling and go straight to walking.

And, as a closing thought, I just want to add that I make a mean soup! We had it last night for dinner - leftovers tonight. Yum! With fresh rolls and a big glass of milk, it really satisfies.

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