Monday, February 15, 2010

Wish I had a pensieve...

...for days like today.

Didn't get much done today. I got home and putzed for a while, all the while pondering thoughts that circled in my head like vultures at the first scent of a decaying corpse. Swooping in for a sustained moment before darting off at the sound of a car coming around the bend. Feathers ruffled and hooked beak waiting to dig in.

But the pensivness eased as the evening wore on. Sydney was wonderful to come home to - it's been hard to re-adjust to going back to work, especially after all these snow days. I realized I would not do any school work this evening, so I didn't even bother bringing any home with me. But, that didn't mean I didn't have HOME-work to do.

After bathing Sydney (rash is finally starting to abate on his body) and putting him down, I got to work first on getting ready for tomorrow. I told Steve I was out of practice! I forgot I had to have lunch ready, bottles washed, a change of clothes for Sydney packed, new bibs in the bag. But most fun of all, and my greatest accomplishment for today (which is sad, since today is the first day I saw my 'odd' kids in nearly 3 weeks) was the fact that I put together his new high chair. I love puttering around with 'put it together' projects like these. I had so much fun 'building' Sydney's bookcase, I wouldn't let Steve touch it, and I was 8 months pregnant at the time. The high chair was the same thing. It gives me some weird sense of satisfaction to have a floor full of parts, screws, poles, etc., and to make order out of chaos. Well-put together order, too. I've got a blister forming on my palm from making sure the screws were in tight. But that is a direct result of slathering my son with a ton of emollients the past few weeks.

Strange how something as simple as putting together a project of some sort can make the evening not only fly by, but also help the world make some sense. And this is where the title comes in. I was pondering my blog on my way home this evening. All my friends who write blogs seem to have a point. Kathleen is set on staying in touch with her family and friends, while also witnessing to her readers. Steve tries to keep everyone informed of the latest happenings in sports, though it tends to be more college sports and UVA-centered. Rafe has been writing the longest out of all of us - he reviews movies in his blog. But I don't necessarily have a point.

If nothing else, though, I have to wonder if my point is more personal. I've found that, while I initially started this blog in an attempt to jump-start my creativity, it has resulted more in my finding a voice. One I hadn't felt in quite a while. I find myself cogitating over deeper thoughts than merely what to teach, or how to teach it, on the morrow. This is my effulgent lining to the gray skies, I believe (I threw that in for you, Rafe!).
A pensieve would be nice, though...just so I could weed out what I didn't have time or energy for until a later date. But, in the meantime, I've got a Snickerdoodle to gaze at as he sleeps angelically and a completed high chair sitting up against our kitchen table. God bless the little accomplishments.


  1. That's really why I blog - for a voice. It gives me a lens through which to see my life, and challenges me to put thoughts into writing when I wouldn't otherwise. Now that I've started doing it, I love it. Would I want a zillion followers? Yeah, but I mostly do it for me. Just keep going and you'll find a purpose; yourself if a legitimate purpose. :)

  2. I've found that to be true. I've discovered that, while in previous years I used going to the gym as my 'me' time, I don't have that time any more. Until I am able to balance everything and make my workout part of my schedule, the blog is my 'me' time. It helps keep the 'me' alive!