Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quiet House

Ah...Friday evening. Sydney has worn himself out today with his 'Daddy Friday.' He played in his exersaucer while Mommy washed the dishes (bottles), then we had our nightly eczema bath, nursed, and went straight to bed with no fuss whatsoever.
Daddy was home all day and got almost all the laundry done. He managed to fit in his run on the treadmill, then went to visit a friend in the hospital. Mommy, after Sydney went down, had the house to herself.
Not a bad thing after this week - the first full week of school since...winter break? It was rather exhausting to go all day, and all week, with kids who are still recuperating from cabin fever. The house is nice and quiet. So comforting at the moment. The static from the baby monitor acts as soft white noise to drown the hum of anything - cars outside, the hum of the furnace, even the buzz from the computer. Such a difference from the kids today.
You could tell it was a Friday, and if I didn't know any better, I would venture to guess it was either a new moon or a full moon. Anyone who says the face of moon doesn't affect human behavior never worked in a hospital or a school. It does. There is a marked difference in the kids.
But for now, the house is quiet. Steve is on his way home, is stopping to pick up whipped cream for our hot cocoa, and then we're going to watch a movie. I don't think I could have asked for more for a Friday evening. Hmm...might need to make some popcorn.
Last thought of the night - check out my rockin' high chair! Isn't it awesome! It has toys that are attached to the tray, too, so when Sydney gets in the mood to throw things, they don't go too far! If nothing else, it has ocean animals on it. Steve is trying hard to encourage Sydney's passion for the water! Oh, yeah - and it reclines! If he falls asleep in it while eating, which I know will happen, he can just nap in it safely with no need to waken him. I'm so proud of it...

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